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RIASCD Pre-Service and Beginning Teacher Conference

October 24, 2015

Johnston High School

8:30 to 1:00

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Keynote: Rhode Island Teacher of the Year, Tracy LaFreniere

“Missing Links : How Emotions and Personal Connections Affect Learning”

Our teaching world is filled with talk about theory and standards, assessments and best practices. Yet, our personal connection to students is the missing link to help them stay engaged, be motivated, and move forward as learners. Let’s discuss the role emotions play in learning through brain research and non-verbal communication. What you don’t say is almost as important as what you do say.


  • Text Analysis in the Common Core Era: Practical Teaching Strategies and Resources (6-12)
  • Induction:  Supports for Beginning Teachers
  • Differentiated Instruction as it relates to CCSS
  • Use of FOLDABLES in Mathematics, Literacy, and Differentiation:  The art of using hands-on graphic organizers created by your students.
  • Getting Kids Moving: Integrating Physical Activity Throughout the School Day



  • Whole Child: A Lens for Recognizing and Celebrating Great Schools
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Connecting CCSS Math Practice Standards to all content areas
  • Formative Assessment
  • Social Emotional Learning: A Vital Component of Lifelong Success
  • Digital Playground: Tools and Tips for the Digital Teacher                    

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Meet Joe DiMartino at the

RIASCD Author Forum in November

Joe is recognized as a national leader in efforts to personalize learning.

RIASCD will host a dinner where you will interact with Joe to learn how he has brought personalized learning to New England students.

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The RIASCD episode,

“Whole Child Across the States: How Are We Doing?,”

has been published and is on iTunes now!

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RIASCD in collaboration with ASCD and Rhode Island educators


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Segue named 2013-2014 Whole Child Recognition School by RIASCD

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 Rhode Island supports the Whole Child

Check out a “snapshot”  our RIASCDs work relative to our newest Influence Grant.  

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